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Bendix/King CM-2000 USB Programmer (RDR-2000, RDR-2100, KPA-900)

Programs CM-2000 for:

  • RDR-2000
  • RDR-2100
  • KRA-405B

MacOS X and Windows software

Micro USB port

KPA-900 Compatible


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Malmoset’s CM-2000 USB Programmer programs King CM-2000 configuration modules for use with Bendix/King RDR-2000 and RDR-2100 weather radars and KRA-405B radar altimeters.

  • Includes software for MacOS X or Windows
  • Compatible with files saved by the King KPA-900 programmer
  • Uses a standard Micro USB cable
  • Tested for compatibility with the KPA-900
  • Guaranteed to operate identically to the factory programmer.


  • Does this output the same data as the factory programmer?
    • Yes. We’ve tested every combination and verified our output not just against the factory programmer, but also tested with actual radars.
  • I read a config module for an RDR-2000 and it’s coming up as an RDR-2100. Why is that happening?
    • We’ve had several files like this sent to us recently. The aircraft is confirmed to have an RDR-2000 installed, but the module is programmed for an RDR-2100. Examining these files shows that they have some of the RDR-2100 only options set, which is why the program detects them as RDR-2100 files.
    • Since we don’t know who originally programmed the module or what options were selected when they did, we can’t say why the module was programmed that way previously. What we do know is that the programming for the RDR-2100 is backward compatible with the RDR-2000. The RDR-2000 will read the module just fine and use only the settings that it’s capable of using, ignoring the RDR-2100 specific options.
    • You can either create a new configuration for the module, selecting RDR-2000 and copying the previous settings and calibration, or you can simply edit the RDR-2100 configuration that’s in there and save it to the module. Either approach will result in a programmed module that will operate correctly with an RDR-2000.


Release notes:

  • V 1.5:
    • Cleared a bit that can cause 2060s to not follow the mechanical scan limit
  • V 1.4:
    • Minor adjustment to RDR-2000/RDR-2100 detection
  • V 1.3:
    • Correct altitude input setting on RDR-2100

Download MacOS Software

Download Windows Software




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