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Welcome to Malmoset. We’re reverse engineers passionate about building compatible products. We have in house capabilities for hardware and software reverse and forward engineering. No project is too difficult or too complicated. We pride ourselves on building high quality, low cost solutions to tough problems.

Experienced industries:

  • Consumer products
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive

Software reversing capabilities

  • Disassembly of compiled binaries
  • Extraction of binary code from embedded devices
  • Digital signature circumvention
  • Communication protocol documentation, analysis, cryptanalysis
  • Modification of existing binary code
  • Clean room creation of documentation

Software forward development capabilities

  • Embedded development using C or C++
  • Server development with C#,Java or Python
  • Mobile app development

Hardware reverse engineer capabilities:

  • X-ray design re-creation
  • Clean room network/communication interface documentation

Hardware forward development capabilities:

  • Circuit board block and schematic design
  • PCB (Printed Circuit Board) layout
  • Plastic injection mold and 3D printed enclosure design