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Lumissil/Ingenic camera design

Malmoset has developed numerous products based on Lumissil/Ingenic ICs. In addition to hardware design and software, we have established relationships with image sensor, lens and camera body manufacturers. We can supply bare boards, completed units or anything in between.

Completed camera projects:

Software capabilities:

  • In-house developed Linux framework for Lumissil/Ingenic camera ICs
  • Customizable image and video capture and compression framework application
  • Streaming via RTSP, WebRTC, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS
  • Web configuration via page or API
  • All software developed in the US

Camera ICs used:

  • T31N
  • T31ZX
  • T40N

In addition to developing new Ingenic solutions from scratch, we also have significant experience designing cameras and boards to replace Hikvision, Huawei and Hisilicon based cameras.